Report: Steve Scalise Will be Back to Work Soon

It’s been two months since Rep. Steve Scalise suffered grave injuries after being shot by an unhinged leftist while taking part in a Congressional Baseball Game practice session with fellow Republican lawmakers. His injuries included fractured bones, damaged organs, and severe internal bleeding. A lengthy hospital stay, followed by rehab, ensued.


It now appears he may be returning to work soon. Scalise’s fellow Louisiana Republican, Rep. Garret Graves, recently told a crowd in Baton Rouge that Scalise is ready to get back to business.

“I think it best to rely upon the doctors for updates there. I think what’s most important is that Steve said that he’s coming back next month.

“So we’ll see how that goes. He may be fighting off doctors on the way out of the hospital to come. Steve is a fighter. His attitude and his spirits have remained very high.”

When he returns to the House, Scalise is sure to find himself busy in his role as majority whip, what with Republicans on the Hill seeming to have a difficult time getting legislation passed. Perhaps he’ll be the key to getting us some tax reform?

Let’s hope the report of his imminent return turns out to be true!


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