Images from Car Attack in Charlottesville Show the Horror of What Happened Today

CONTENT WARNING: These images are unedited and show the true horror of what happened today in Charlottesville. While they are not gory, per se, they could be upsetting.


Photojournalist Ryan Kelly of the The Daily Progress was on hand today to chronicle the wrongly names #UnitetheRight demonstration and the resulting counterdemonstration. As he was photographing the crowd, a car came plowing through, hitting several people and killing one (according to the University of Virginia Health Systems).

The images caught by Kelly are horrifying. ABC News tweeted out a photo Kelly took at the exact moment the car entered the crowd.

A photojournalist from The Chicago Tribune shared one of Kelly’s photos, showing people flying through the air as the car begins to strike the crowd.

In a strange twist of fate, today was Ryan Kelly’s last day working as a photojournalist in Charlottesville. You can see more of his photos from today here.


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