BREAKING: Six People Confirmed Dead in London Terror Attack

London Metropolitan Police have just given an update on tonight’s terror attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market. The Guardian has the key details:

  • Six people have been killed in terror attacks on London Bridge and at Borough Market.
  • Three male suspects have been shot dead by police.
  • Canisters seen around the body of at least one of the suspects have been “established to be hoaxes”, police said.
  • Police believe all of those directly responsible for the attack have been killed.

More details on the three dead suspects:

Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner for the Metropolitan police, has confirmed that the vehicle drove from London Bridge to Borough Market, hitting pedestrians on the bridge.

There, he said, the suspects left the vehicle and stabbed a number of people, including an offduty police officer, who sustained serious injuries.

Armed response officers confronted three male suspects, who were shot and killed.

Rowley says the three suspects were shot within eight minutes of the first call to emergency services.

He says the canisters, or vests, seen on the body of at least one suspect, have been “established to be hoaxes”.


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