Kathy Griffin Has Lawyered Up and Is Going to Tell the World Today that She's the Real Victim

Kathy Griffin’s mea culpa tour didn’t last very long, did it? After issuing a groveling apology for the utterly stupid photo of her holding the bloody “decapitated” head of Donald Trump – a photo that Trump’s 11-year-old son, Barron, thought was real – Griffin has now hired a “feminist” lawyer and is going to claim that she’s the actual victim here.


Kathy Griffin and attorney Lisa Bloom have scheduled a press conference on Friday where Griffin will elaborate on her decision to do a photo shoot in which she held up a bloody prop that resembled Donald Trump’s severed head.

In a press announcement she posted on Twitter, Bloom said that she and Griffin will “explain the true motivation behind the image, and respond to the bullying from the Trump family she has endured.”

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “Wasn’t Gloria Allred available?” Turns out that Lisa Bloom is Gloria Allred’s daughter! Go figure. The mother-daughter bottom feeders pair make a nice living dragging a never-ending stream of women with questionable pasts in front of the media with tepid allegations of victimhood.

Kathy Griffin is undoubtedly trying to salvage what’s left of her comedic “career.” She’s lost her gigs with CNN and Squatty Potty, and her stand up shows are being cancelled in short order. This press conference reeks of desperation, and it’s unlikely that she’ll reveal anything that will garner her sympathy. She lost her chance at that the second she picked up that bloody prop in the name of “art.”




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