Grade A Piece of Crap "Children's Book Author" Trolls Barron Trump on Twitter

Here’s what I know about Ken Jennings: He’s a former Jeopardy champ who now writes books for children. He’s also a Grade A piece of crap.

Here’s what the supposed adult tweeted after learning that eleven-year-old Barron Trump briefly thought the photo of Kathy Griffin holding his father’s “decapitated” head was real:



When called out by others for picking on a child, Jennings doubled down on his cluelessness:


Clearly thinking he was the funniest thing since Kathy Griffin, Jennings – the smartest man ever to grace the gilded podiums of Jeopardy – just couldn’t help himself from making another “joke”:


Ken Jennings, a children’s book author and parent, knows better than this. Go after Donald Trump, that is more than fair game. But, for the love of all that’s holy, leave Trump’s young son alone.

I took screenshots of Jennings’ inane tweets thinking he would soon grow a conscience and delete them, or, in true coward’s fashion, make his account private. But, no, the braintrust that is Ken Jennings seems ridiculously proud of bullying a child.


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