Tomi Lahren Confirms Her Surprising New Gig (HINT: It Involves Trump)

Tomi Lahren left TheBlaze in, well, less than a blaze of glory after an appearance on “The View” in which she boasted of being pro-choice and chided conservatives for not agreeing with her ever-changing views on the matter. There were also reports that her behind the scenes behavior at TheBlaze made her unpopular with her co-workers.


There was much speculation about where she’d land next; Fox News seemed to be a popular guess. Well, in a surprise move, Lahren has confirmed that she is going to be joining the communications team of Great America Alliance, a pro-Trump non-profit organization.

“The liberal establishment and mainstream media continue to fight our President at every turn, so it’s critical for all Americans to step up and do all they can to advance the America First agenda,” Lahren said. “I’m excited to join the Great America team and continue supporting President Trump and help ensure he can deliver on his promises to the American people.”

Great America Alliance’s website has very few details about the organization, but old school Republican insiders like Ed Rollins and Newt Gingrich have been linked with it.

Lahren has not, at this writing, confirmed what her clothing allowance from GAA will be.


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