Reaction to Roger Ailes' Death is Exactly What You Expected

The country woke up to the news this morning that Roger Ailes, the man who helped Fox News become a network powerhouse, had died at age 77. Ailes, of course, left the network earlier this year amid numerous reports of sexual misconduct in the workplace; he was rarely heard from following his exit.


Many Fox News personalities were quick to offer their condolences.

Hannity actually went on a many-tweets-long tribute to Ailes. And the hosts of Fox & Friends cried when breaking the news of his death.

Then there’s the reaction from the left. They once again prove themselves to be the feckless, God-less morons they glory in being.


You get the picture. A quick spin around the #RogerAiles hashtag is a good snapshot of how awful social media can be when combined with a rabid leftist ideology. Meanwhile, these same people fell to their virtual knees in agony over the death of Fidel Castro.


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