Frontrunner to Replace Comey Emerges, Announcement Expected Soon

The wait for a new FBI director may be coming to end, with administration sources telling Politico that former senator Joe Lieberman has emerged as the frontrunner.


Senior administration officials have told others in the last 12 hours that Trump is expected to pick Lieberman to replace FBI director James Comey, who was abruptly fired by Trump last week.

A person familiar with Wednesday’s meeting said Trump bonded with Lieberman, and the president left leaning towards the former Connecticut senator, who retired in 2013. Trump has not signaled otherwise that anyone else is the favorite, aides said, and has told one adviser he wants to make an announcement before he leaves Friday on his first foreign trip.

Just this afternoon, President Trump told members of the media “we’re very close to an FBI director” and confirmed that Lieberman was in the running.

Lieberman is seen as an unconventional and political choice; FBI directors don’t typically come from political backgrounds. He is a lawyer, a former senator from Connecticut, Al Gore’s running mate in the 2000 presidential race, and currently identifies as an Independent.

Lieberman works at the same law firm as one of Trump’s lawyers, so Democrats will likely have ruffled feathers over the pick. Nonetheless, Lieberman is generally popular on both sides of the aisle, making a confirmation very likely. And Trump could really use an FBI-related win right now.


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