Unhinged: Joss Whedon is Glad His Mother is Dead Because Trump

There were so many beautiful expressions of appreciation to be found on social media yesterday as Americans celebrated their mothers. There were flowers, rainbows, poignant remembrances of times past.


And then there was crazypants Joss Whedon’s Mother’s Day message.

Would this be the same “tub of f*ckery” that has enabled him to become a millionaire director of blockbuster movies like “Avengers”? The country that has allowed a nimrod like Joss Whedon to climb to the highest echelons of Hollywood elitist snobbery?

Why, yes. Yes, it is.

Not to mention … who talks that way about their dead mother? On Mother’s Day, no less?! God forbid a loving son bite back his rabid political agenda for just a moment and pay homage to his dearly departed mama.

Whedon has been publicly losing his mind for some time now, which has not gone unnoticed by Twitter.

Get some help, man. Your mom would want you to.


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