Amy Schumer is Toxic ... and It's All Donald Trump's Fault

Amy Schumer has been a darling of the left and their media enablers since her movie, “Trainwreck”, came out in 2015. She was portrayed in the press as a funny, quirky girl who seemingly embraced her decidedly un-Hollywood looks and body shape with aplomb. Her schtick was amusing for a hot second, but she seems to have worn out her welcome judging by the lackluster performance this weekend of her most recent movie, “Snatched”, which earned $17.5 million.

As Hollywood in Toto notes, this is not a great performance considering “Trainwreck” earned $30 million on its opening weekend. And it didn’t have the long-awaited return to the big screen of Goldie Hawn. Plus, a mother-daughter movie on Mother’s Day weekend with a supposed star like Schumer should’ve been a slam dunk.

What went wrong? Schumer herself, that’s what.

Schumer isn’t just a take-no-prisoners comic, the kind we haven’t seen since Sarah Silverman first opened up her potty mouth. She’s aggressively political. Schumer uses her bully pulpit like … a bully. She savaged gun rights advocates on her TV show “Inside Amy Schumer” and her limp Netflix comedy special.

She speaks out in the press about her political views. And, of course, she famously called Trump supporters KKK members on social media.

Think that doesn’t leave some sort of mark?

Indeed it has.

A lot has changed in the two years since “Trainwreck” came out. Obama is out, Trump is in. And interest in the entertainment stylings of the likes of Amy Schumer is clearly on the wane.

Yes, political screeds disguised as heartfelt activism, like the one Jimmy Kimmel subjected us to a few weeks past, will continue to garner a lot attention. But the America that voted for Donald Trump is tired of the incessant mocking of their values in the media, on late night shows, by supposed movie stars like Amy Schumer. Heck, that’s what got him elected in the first place!

Hollywood appears to have learned nothing in the wake of Election Day 2016. Trump voters know the liberal elites who are in charge of the media and the entertainment industry hate them, hate their guns, hate their Bibles, and hate their traditional and patriotic values. They don’t hate their money, of course, but they’re too far up their own backsides to realize that people like Amy Schumer are toxic in the age of Trump.

Americans who love Donald Trump do so because they love seeing him bully the bullies. Hollywood would do well to remember that.

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