5 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas for the Conservative Mom in Your Life

Even though recent polling indicates that very few Americans think of Mother’s Day as the most important holiday, we conservatives know that it’s always a good idea to show the moms in our lives some appreciation. But it is one of those “holidays” that sneaks up on you (it’s TOMORROW), so here are five last-minute gift suggestions for the conservative mom/s in your life.


#1 — Range time

Not every conservative woman knows how to shoot a gun, but most are interested in learning. Trust me, even if they’ve never vocalized that interest, the idea has been kicking around in their head. It’s been my experience that women are most comfortable learning to handle a firearm when in the company of other women (and often, but not always, prefer a female instructor). Luckily, most gun ranges offer a range (har, har) of women-only classes aimed (har, har) at beginners to even the more experienced.

NOTE: If the conservative mom in your life is already packing heat, you might think about getting her a fashion-forward concealed carry purse like this one. The world of concealed carry fashions has really, erm, exploded over the last few years as the number of women seeking permits has risen.

#2 — Liberal tears mug

If there’s anything we like more than our morning cup of brew, it’s a steaming mugful of liberal tears. We are simultaneously amused and bemused by the endless liberal tantrums, so these tears taste more delicious than ever. This travel mug version is nice, as we can let everyone in eyeshot know we will laugh at them if they are triggered by our beverage holder.


#3 — Hobby Lobby gift card

This really speaks for itself. Hobby Lobby is every conservative mom’s nirvana. Shopping for home goods while also supporting a Christian business? Hook me up! Don’t forget to have her download the Hobby Lobby app for an evergreen 40% off coupon. Find the closest Hobby Lobby by going here.

For bonus points, throw in a Chick-fil-a gift card and treat her to an entire day of conservative shopping bliss.

#4 — Wine club membership

Now, I’m not saying that all conservative women like to drink, but, hell, eight years of Obama drove many of us to seek solace in a bottle of pinot noir. We’ve really come to appreciate the subtle nuances of … wait, wine delivered to the front door? Yes, that’s what Winc, a wine club membership, is for. Winc “uses its custom Palate Profile system and individual wine ratings to make monthly wine recommendations to members.” #winning

Which leads me to …

#5 — Subscription boxes

There is a subscription box for absolutely everything, from food and fashions to crafts and books. My personal favorite is Stitch Fix, a personal styling service that picks out five clothing items based off your style profile. It’s like Christmas morning when you spot that box on your front door step. You can pick a price point and schedule “fixes” for as often as you want to receive them. It’s great for women who don’t have much time for shopping.


My Subscription Addiction does reviews of a frillion kinds of subscription boxes. You are sure to find one that will delight the conservative mom in your life.

A few other ideas:

Happy Mother’s Day!!!




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