No, Trump Should not Fire Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer is rather infamously absent from the White House Press Briefing Room this week as he takes time away from his day job and fulfills his Naval Reserve obligation. He might be happy to have the respite, after a difficult Tuesday dealing with President Trump’s firing of James Comey. Then again, he is very likely feeling that his job is in jeopardy. Because it is.


One of Spicer’s deputies, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is filling in for him at the podium. This has prompted much speculation that she is actually auditioning to take his job.

Trump was pleased with deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ performance on Friday, when she first filled in for Spicer on camera during the midday briefing, three White House aides said, adding that he has talked about grooming her for Spicer’s more visible role.

The handling of the Comey firing surely didn’t help the situation. Spicer had planned to circulate the news via email, but that didn’t work out. So he shouted the news from the press room doorway, then quickly locked himself in his office. A few hours later, there was much avoidance of the press while Spicer and his aides held a confab amongst the White House shrubbery. Not great.

Sean Spicer might ultimately prove to be – or is already – inept at his job and deserve to be fired. But not right now. The White House can’t afford any more chaos at the moment, and removing Spicer would merely add to the speculation that Trump is in above his head.

The problem seems to be that Trump, as noted by Politico, has never worked for anyone but himself and purposefully creates an environment of chaos and competition amongst his staff. That might work well in the corporate world – survival of the fittest and all that – but the American people could sure use some reassurance right now that everything is under control at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


And, honestly, go for all the competition and chaos you want behind closed doors. But, for the love of God, have your act together when you present your case to the nation and the world. Axing Sean Spicer right now would certainly scratch an itch, but it would be the wrong thing to do, so why not, instead, give him a chance to grow into the job (no pun intended)? Show us that you have the patience and leadership abilities to get your house – the people’s house – in order. Disengage your trigger finger for now.

Reassure us, the American people, that you’ve got our backs by reassuring staffers like Sean Spicer that you’ve got his. Not because Sean Spicer deserves it, he probably doesn’t, but because America does.



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