The 43 People Looking to Unseat Trump in 2020

There is no rest for the weary. We’re just barely past the 100 day mark of the Trump administration, and already publications like The Hill are compiling definitive wish lists compilations of Democrats looking to unseat the 45th president.

Atop the list is Joe Biden. Of course. He loves to play the “will he or won’t he?” game with the media, which messes with the emotions of adoring liberal voters. But Joe is 74 already and really should just enjoy a nice, chill retirement in Bethany Beach, Del. Really. Please, God.

Next is Bernie Sanders, who’s even older than Biden! What’s the deal with the old white guys, Dems? Bernie, of course, is a favorite of young people everywhere, especially those whose prefrontal cortexes have not yet fully developed. Bernie will turn 79 in 2020.

Then there is everyone’s favorite screechy, 1/100th of 1% Native American senator, Elizabeth Warren. She won’t talk about running until after her 2018 reelection campaign. But, running she is (otherwise, we wouldn’t be hearing so much screeching from her general direction). The U.S. is ready for a female president, but it won’t be her.

To put things in perspective, the Democrats’ top three prospective candidates will be a combined 228 years old in 2020. Further breaking this down, 228 years ago was 1789, the year the Constitution went into effect. Oh, the irony!

Others on the list include current governors Andrew Cuomo and Terry McAuliffe, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (is he old enough?), a host of senators, plus The Rock, Mark Cuban and Oprah Winfrey.

Nowhere to be found is Hillary Clinton. Or Chelsea Clinton.

Also not discussed is whether or not Donald Trump intends to run for reelection. It’s early days yet, but Howard Stern might have been on to something last week when he said, were he Trump, he’d fake an illness and opt out of running again.


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