As Election Day Looms, Jon Ossoff Will Do Anything For a Vote

What WON’T Democrat Jon Ossoff do to get a vote? Over the weekend, the Congressional candidate, who wants to fill the vacancy left by Tom Price, went as far as proposing to his longtime girlfriend. Unfortunately, it will not secure him another vote, as both he and his intended live outside Congressional District 6, a major sticking point for him during the campaign. Because, you know, you should probably live in the district that you want to represent. It’s not a requirement, of course, but seems like Good Optics 101.


Democrats have a lot riding on the June 20th special election. They’ve poured a ton of money into the race, and are a hoping an Ossoff win will portend good things for next year’s midterms. But making him likable and relatable hasn’t been easy since he doesn’t live in the district and he’s been cagey about his long-term romantic relationship. One might think this well-timed engagement is nothing but a political ploy to grab headlines in the waning days of the campaign.

His Republican opponent, Karen Handel, was quick to add her own felicitations:

“Steve [Handel] and I send our congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Ossoff,” Handel said. “We have learned a lot over nearly 25 years of marriage.”



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