UPDATE: All-Staff Meeting Called at Heritage, "Leadership Change" to Be Discussed

The Heritage Foundation president and former Sen. Jim DeMint, speaks to a town hall meeting held at the Crowne Plaza Tampa-Westshore on Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013 in Tampa, Fla. DeMint spoke about Obamacare during the event. (AP Photo/The Tampa Bay Times, Eve Edelheit) TAMPA OUT; CITRUS COUNTY OUT; PORT CHARLOTTE OUT; BROOKSVILLE HERNANDO TODAY OUT

The Washington Examiner is reporting that an all-staff meeting has been called at The Heritage Foundation to discuss “the news reports about a leadership change at Heritage.” The meeting was called by DeMint’s predecessor at Heritage, Ed Feulner, and was set place to begin this afternoon at 4:30pm.


Heritage’s Board of Directors met this morning to discuss DeMint’s fate; the Examiner reports that the meeting started at 9:30am, and DeMint was not invited into the meeting until close to 12:30pm. He left the meeting 55 minutes later and declined to comment.

Heritage presumably will wait until after the staff meeting to release a statement to the media. All indications point toward DeMint being fired or resigning, with Feulner stepping in until a replacement can be found.

Stay tuned for updates!



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