Ann Coulter Is "Apparently" Going to Sue Berkeley Over Canceled Speech

Ann Coulter Is "Apparently" Going to Sue Berkeley Over Canceled Speech

In the wake of having her invitation to speak at UC-Berkeley rescinded, Ann Coulter announced yesterday that she was “apparently” going to sue the school for breach of contract. Coulter was a guest on The Larry O’Connor radio show, and told the host:

Our lawyer sent a letter to University of California, Berkeley today listing, it’s a beautiful letter, listing all their First Amendment violations and saying if you don’t provide a room for her for the 27th, an appropriate venue and provide security by the end of the day we will be suing Monday morning. And we just got the letter back, so apparently we’re suing.

Okay, so Berkeley didn’t completely rescind the invitation; they instead offered her a less-than-prime spot speaking on the afternoon of May 2nd, a day on which there are no classes and when which students will be preparing for final exams. (And, no, you’re not alone in wondering if final exams at Berkeley involve donning a unicorn horn and covering yourself in fairy dust.)

Possible pending lawsuit notwithstanding, Coulter plans to keep her April 27 date with Berkeley, even if it means speaking in the office of Berkeley president Janet Napolitano. Coulter also suggested she might speak from the steps of the campus’ Sproul Hall “where Mario Savio gave his free speech talk.”

Coulter noted to O’Connor that when Vicente Fox spoke at Berkeley on the subject of immigration, the same topic on which Coulter planned/plans to speak, he had “the red carpet rolled out for him.”

And, oh the irony of Janet Napolitano overseeing all of this; yes, the same Janet Napolitano who, as Secretary of Homeland Security under President Obama, oversaw the deportation of 2.5 million illegals. She now, of course, is an ardent supporter of DACA because being a part of the Berkeley culture means fully embracing their anti-free speech liberal utopia … or else.

As for Coulter, she thinks the way to handle Berkeley’s intolerance toward conservatives starts with President Trump. “Trump should be calling out the National Guard to let conservative speakers speak so the fascistic denizens of Berkeley can see that they live in a democracy with a constitution that protects free speech.”

Love her or hate her, it’s hard to quarrel with Coulter when she concludes, “It’s only conservative speakers who are subjected to this.”



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