Because Of Course: Lindsay Lohan Hints at Future Islam-inspired Fashion Line

Mean Girls actress Lindsay Lohan rarely makes the news for being a sane, rational voice in a world being tossed around in a sea of chaos.

Today is no different.


After months of grabbing headlines quoting Mohammed, praising the Koran, and meeting with the dastardly likes of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Lohan hinted on Instagram that she may be working on a new fashion line. Just take a look:

This isn’t the first time Lohan has garnered attention for covering her head in Islam-inspired garb. She recently complained of being “racially profiled” at Heathrow Airport for wearing a headscarf. Because red-headed former child stars are clearly the number one security threat facing the Western world.

Lohan, who was returning from Turkey at the time of her “profiling,” claims she was wearing the scarf out of respect for her Turkish pal Erdogan. They do look kind of chummy.

Here’s the thing, though. While it might have been a “dream” for Lohan to be invited into Erdogan’s home, things aren’t nearly as nice for women who actually live in Turkey. Journalist Rose Asani, who is based in Turkey, wrote this about life for Turkish women:

On the eve of Ramadan, the Muslim Holy month, President Erdogan gave all women something to think about during the fast. Addressing Turkey’s Women and Democracy Association in Istanbul he said a woman who rejects motherhood is ‘deficient’ and ‘incomplete’. By working,  she ‘is denying her femininity’. In the same breath as urging them to have at least three children, because apparently one alone isn’t enough to make you a woman, he also laughably said he supported their right to have a career.


While Lohan clearly feels a sense of purpose in her newfound “respect” for Islam, she does women no favors in praising it and, presumably, starting a fashion line celebrating it. It’s especially ludicrous since she now makes her home in Europe, where horrific abuses against women at the hands of Syrian refugees are on the rise. Not to mention the fact that in Turkey itself, females are segregated in many facets of daily life, including schools, in order to “protect” them.

So, women’s rights will be diminished, but — dammit! — they will look good in the process wearing the latest in Lindsey Lohan hijabs and headscarves.


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