Texas Senate Race: Tea Party vs. Establishment Ground Zero

From the diaries.

The U.S. Senate race in Texas presents a stark contrast between a strong conservative fighter vs. a timid, career politician.

The stakes are clear.


This race is THE ground zero in the national battle between Tea Party-minded conservatives and the Establishment. And the national elite media would love to declare the Tea Party dead and gone.

The assaults on our liberty from Washington have become so severe that we must send another proven conservative fighter to the Senate to give reinforcements to Senators Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Pat Toomey—all of whom have endorsed my campaign.

Our new video “The Stakes” sets the stage.

Emphasizing this contrast, the story broke late last week that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst flew to Washington, DC for a reception inside the home of Obama Crony Tony Podesta, who’s brother led the official Obama presidential transition team.

In Texas, Dewhurst has always “reached across the aisle” to support higher spending and push a state income tax, cleverly disguised as a “wage tax.” In DC, he fits right in at the private home of one of the top Democratic lobbyists in the city.

The essence of an establishment moderate, David Dewhurst won’t ever lead the fight against the Obama agenda… especially not from inside Tony Podesta’s living room. Yet, his campaign has the audacity to attack stalwart conservatives like Senators DeMint, Paul, Lee, Toomey, Club for Growth, and FreedomWorks every day.


David Dewhurst is personally worth more than $200 million and is going to pour millions of his own money into this race. In addition, there are two new Dewhurst Super PACs set up just to attack us.

We’ve been surging polls and gaining grassroots momentum on the ground every day. Clearly the Dewhurst campaign is worried.

We need your help to build our incredible momentum and help fight the Dewhurst Attack Machine. Will you donate $25, $50, $100 or more before the end of the month on Wednesday to make sure we meet our goals?

And please take a minute to watch and share our short new video.

Working together, we’ll defend liberty, preserve the Constitution, and defeat the Obama Agenda.


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