Why Wisconsin Matters

When Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislature were elected, the state of Wisconsin was over $3.8 billion in debt. The people of Wisconsin elected them to fix the problem. They elected them to create jobs. That is exactly what they did.

Last month, half of the jobs created in the United States were created in the state of Wisconsin. Half. Think about the magnitude of that. While the U.S. has maintained an unemployment of over 9% since the beginning of President Obama’s term, Wisconsin has, in just 6 months, balanced the budget, created tens of thousands of jobs, and made a rapid turnaround that Washington seems to think is impossible.

So why backlash? Why have there been $14 million in attack ads run against the Governor and the Wisconsin Republicans? Put simply, unions and power hungry political types are afraid that others will see how well it works. Now, instead of allowing the state to correct its problem and be a road map for the rest of the country, they are so shaken up that they are trying to recall the legislators for doing exactly what they were elected to do. Heaven forbid other governors make the same reforms and balance the budget like Scott Walker did! The unions can’t handle the thought of losing their ability to buy elections and bully workers.

They’ve poured millions of dollars into these races. They organized protesters. They dominated the Wisconsin airwaves with scare propaganda about Tea Party types who have held the government hostage. They’ve invented sob stories about how teachers are suffering at the hands of the job-killing Republicans.

The truth? Most schools have managed to dodge layoffs and cuts. The Kaukauna Area School District turned a $400,000 deficit into a $1.5 million surplus. They did it “by implementing the new contributions from employees, but also by modifying other aspects of the teachers’ workload, business manager” Bob Schafer said. “The district required educators to teach six hours a day instead of five, took them from two preparation periods down to one, and eliminated four paid days: one teacher work day and three paid holidays.”

In other words, the government was forced to do what every other business has to do, especially in hard times: They figured out how to operate efficiently.

Today, Wisconsin votes on the first set of recalls. FreedomWorks just spent four days on the Tea Party Express, rallying in 9 different cities. You can see photos and daily updates here, here, here and here.  We were greeted in every location by hundreds of locals who are doing everything they can to support the necessary reforms made by their governor. Just as it is our duty to fight against officials who are trampling all over us, it is our duty to support the ones who are doing the right thing.

Wisconsin’s legislators did the right thing. We need to stand by them today and next Tuesday through these recalls. All eyes are on you, Wisconsin. We are proud to support you.




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