Powershift: The Birth of Environmental Justice

The Powershift conference came to DC last weekend. Thousands of students were bussed in to discuss the perils of our climate situation – because apparently, Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi are “counting on them” to save the world… by taking off their pants and leaving earth to colonize other planets?



It’s funny at first, until you realize that there were 10,000 American youth listening to this and applauding it. They are blurring the lines between environmental and social “justice.” Lisa Jackson, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, made the environmental conversation a modern day Civil Rights speech, addressing the imbalances between the upper and lower class in America. For example, via Eyeblast (definitely click to watch the video):

“Environmental justice at its root is a recogniction that there is unfinished business from the last 40 years and much of that unfinished business is concentrated in low income and minority neighborhoods.”

For the left,  this is about wrapping environmental rights into civil rights. Jackson goes on to say “If their air is not clean, then my air is not clean. If they can’t drink their water, you can’t drink your water either.” For them, this isn’t about science. It isn’t about the environment. It’s about equalization and “justice” and it’s entirely dishonest. After all, their job is much easier when they can put everything in a neat little box, demonize the wealthy, and propose solutions that invariably involve taking things from someone to give to someone else.


Cloaking redistribution in green and “justice” is disingenuous at best, evil and manipulative at worst. They’re losing ground on the scientific front and tapping in to what they know.



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