Bob Etheridge Calling for a Recount

The NC-2 Race, in which Renee Ellmers is poised to take down manhandling Bob “Who’re You” Etheridge, has gotten complicated. Last night, it looked like a clear victory for Ellmers and she claimed victory. The gap tightened, however, and now he wants a recount.


Etheridge is a 6 term incumbent in what was considered a very safe seat for the Democrats. Unfortunately for Bob, it looks bad when you put a college student in a headlock for asking question, and his constituents suddenly became a lot less excited about supporting someone who might attack them.

Help Renee. Recounts are expensive, and she’ll need everything she can to pull this thing off. She’s a fantastic conservative who ran a great race, and has earned this win. She knows where her priorities lie. Watch her speech, which starts at the 7 minute mark, and donate today.



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