The Communist Contingent Draws A Line In The Sand

I spent Saturday at the OneNation rally in Washington, DC. The intent was to cover the rally and see first-hand what I was certain would get significant media coverage.


This, for me, was an awakening. I live in the heart of DC, and work full time in the political sphere. I am relatively new to the game, but I do not consider myself naive in this regard. I’ve joked about the left being communists and socialists, but I am not certain I ever believed that they were truly avowed opposition to all that is American. I suppose I wanted to believe that at the end of the day, every American loved their freedom enough to fight for it.

I was wrong.

What I saw was the unions that are supposed to be there to support workers exploiting busloads of them, shipping predominantly black groups in matching tee-shirts down from Baltimore and New York and other places on the East Coast. I saw union workers that were provided not only with paid time off, but compensation, free travel, and boxed lunches. I saw unions directly aligning themselves with the Communist Party USA. I have a hard time believing that the majority of those blue collar union workers consider themselves Communists.

I am not certain when it became okay to be a Communist in America. Our Freedom is such a deeply ingrained value that I took it for granted that we’d win out; that these people were such a minority that they were completely insignificant.

I was right in one regard: They are a minority. I know this has been posted on this site already, but it’s worth looking at again. Here’s the comparison shot between Glenn Beck’s 8/28 rally and yesterday’s OneNation rally:


Just to recap: Glenn Beck did not pay any attendees. He did not orchestrate buses, nor did he provide any travel assistance. The unions paid for the travel costs, paid them for their time, provided meals… and still drew an embarrassing crowd.

What I was wrong about is their insignificance. These are the same people that will be doing GOTV for the Democrats in November. They are the ones that will be busing people to the polls and stuffing ballot boxes. As LaborUnionReport pointed out, the options are clear.  If nothing else, the Left is good at exploiting people who feel as if they owe the Democrats their equality, and we would be silly to ignore the amount of money they are willing to spend on this midterm election. We are now in a period where Americans can choose unapologetic Communism vs. uncompromising Freedom. The line has been drawn in the sand.

We do not have a choice but to keep fighting back. We have not yet won anything. GOTV. Don’t underestimate the unions. We have a hard battle to fight, and we’re now just 29 days out.

This is what we’re up against (photos via @Ben_Howe):

This is a fight against Communism and Socialism. This is what we’re up against. Do. Your. Part.




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