Lefties Beg For Their Sarah Palin

Since the moment she stepped onto the national scene, the Left has mocked Sarah Palin. The loathe her and everything she stands for. She is an offensive creature that they just can’t seem to destroy. Now, they’re begging for someone with the Palin Power they’ve mocked for so long – someone who inspires them. Anna Holmes and Rebecca Traister write in the New York Times:


The left should be outraged and exasperated by all this — but at their own failings as much as Ms. Palin’s ascension. Since the 2008 election, progressive leaders have done little to address the obvious national appetite for female leadership. And despite (or because of) their continuing obsession with Ms. Palin, they have done nothing to stop an anti-choice, pro-abstinence, socialist-bashing Tea Party enthusiast from becoming the 21st century symbol of American women in politics.

Imagine that: a woman who places real value on life, sex and freedom – SHE MUST BE STOPPED! She can’t be a real woman! She wants to cut taxes and repeal ObamaCare! The things that make her appealing to conservatives and Republicans are the things that make her public enemy #1 for the Democrats and feminists.

You can say a lot of things about Sarah Palin, and I have been known to disagree with her frequently, but I am grateful that she has brought strong, conservative, feminine women into the spotlight. There are more Republican women running for office than ever before – 129 GOP women are running for House seats this fall and 17 for Senate. We will see in November if this will translate into wins for Republican women, but the point has already been made: Americans are embracing conservative women running for political office. And that is in no small part because of Sarah Palin’s willingness to throw her support behind them and give them national exposure.


For all the talk of their support for women, there is no one on a national level doing for liberals what Sarah Palin is doing for conservatives in this election. Who is helping the Democratic women win seats? The highest ranking woman in the Democratic Party? No, Nancy is focused oninvestigating the Ground Zero Mosque detractors and still trying to sell a health care plan that has already been passed.

The Left has been focused on gay marriage, abortion, and massive entitlement spending. Instead of finding better candidates to run against the fresh crop of small government advocates, Nancy Pelosi is cherrypicking the candidates she can throw under the bus this fall.

The left’s failure to nurture and celebrate female politicians has had a significant effect on its policies. In recent years, Democratic majorities and progressive legislation seem to have been built on steady trade-offs of reproductive rights, culminating this year when the first female speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was forced to push through health care reform with a compromise on abortion financing.

The assumption here is telling: If they just had more women, they’d have more funding for abortion. Because a woman is nothing but her uterus.


If they are so certain about their hold over women, why are they struggling so much? Wouldn’t women respond? The country is changing. Americans still value life, and they value liberty. The legislated equality worked with we were fighting for our right to vote – but we aren’t there any more. Women are rejecting the notion that they are nothing but a protected class of big spending, pro-abortion liberals.

I, for one, hope that trend continues.


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