The 9/12 Taxpayer March on DC: Give Us Liberty!

Matt Kibbe and Dick Armey, President and Chairman of FreedomWorks, respectively, have penned a new book entitled Give Us Liberty! In the spirit of this year’s 9/12 Taxpayer March on DC, I want to recount a little about the awesomeness that was last year’s event.


One of the great things about true grassroots gatherings is how different the culture is from a typical political event. This is not the place for partisan agendas, or politicians for that matter. There are none of the mind-numbing policy lectures typical of free market events. There are, in fact, no canned speeches carefully crafted from the best opinion polling data and focus groups. There is lots of music and singing and chanting and talking and mingling and cheering.

The sheer size of the crowd could have been a logistical disaster because we simply were not prepared to accommodate and manage nearly a million people. Neither, apparently, was the city, the DC Metro service, the Capitol Hill police, or the National Park Service. But it did not turn into a logistical debacle. Everybody seemed to go with the flow.

I loved seeing people of all ages marching! Elderly folks, lots of veterans, families with children, college kids, bikers, you name it! It was definitely a cross section of America, and as I looked at the crowd I was struck with the fact that these people aren’t your normal protesters. They are normal people – the kind that make this country work! Most of us left jobs, school, family, and our normal responsibilities to go try to be heard and make sure the world knows we are out there and won’t be silenced.

–Marilyn, David and Andrew Taylor

Cody, Wyoming


This year, we’re doing it again. You can check out all the details of the March here. Heading into the election, it’s even more critical that we band together and keep the momentum going. Every voice matters.

Come to the 9/12 March. Read Give Us Liberty, and take the action steps in the back of the book. Be a part of the revolution!

You can check out another excerpt from the book here.


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