It's Pamela Gorman Day!

FTR Radio is hosting Pamela Gorman Day today!

I had the pleasure of meeting Pamela Gorman a couple weeks ago at RightOnline in Las Vegas. I was familiar with the AZ-3 race, but was highly impressed with her, and am happy to be able to support her. I’m going to tell my favorite Pamela Gorman story, as she told it to us on the Tammy Bruce Show while we were broadcasting from Vegas:


“Most recently I served in leadership in the [AZ state] Senate, I was the Senate Majority Whip. And I got a little bit ot notoriety, probably not outside of Arizona. I had been brought in one day and told that the Governor, the Republican governor, wanted a billion dollar a year tax increase during a recession. I said ‘well, tell her no, we’re not going to do it’. And for a couple weeks the guys held with me on it… Jan Brewer right now is, you know, the darling, because she got forced politically into signing a bill she never wanted to see, but, God bless her, she signed it, so we’ll flip her that. During her beginning time as Governor, she was not elected, she ascended into that position when Napolitano went to Washington, and we were handed complete disarray in her office, not of her own doing, but they didn’t have anything to go on. So she had told the Legislature, go do what you do, get a budget together, I’ll trust you. You know this stuff, I don’t, get it going.

So that’s what we did. We set about putting together a responsible budget with proper spending cuts so that we could balance the budget. We had a 38% downturn in revenue, it was serious in Arizona.

We got it together, and then last minute, 11th hour, her people come in and say oh no, she’s not going to agree to those cuts. We need you to do this tax increase or she isn’t going to sign any budget you send up. And so, it just got more and more ugly, and pretty soon I was – I don’t want to say the last man standing, because I was the last woman standing – there was one other Senator and myself, but I was the one they targeted. They literally went out, the Governor’s people, and they raised money and ran autodialers in my district, lying, saying I was raising taxes, which is obviously the opposite of what the battle was about. They did a couple video hits on me, they went on talk radio, they did a very well orchestrated hit job on me. I would not bend, they couldn’t break me.

They were so frustrated and angry, and I said to somebody finally, I said, why did you target me, why didn’t you target Ron Gould – who is a terrific conservative Senator, by the way. And they said, ‘we thought because you were a woman, we could break you.’ And I said, ‘Do you not know any women?’


“I took some steps that people are completely fascinated by, which, your listeners might be interested – I was the third highest position in the Senate, I was the Majority Whip, and I resigned that position in protest over being asked to work the vote. I said absolutely not. I remember sitting in a closed meeting and I said, if you want if you want somebody to lead this caucus – I’m the chairman of caucus, as the Whip – I said if you want somebody to lead you over, literally, over the edge, politically, by being the Republican caucus who passes the largest tax increase in Arizona history, that’s not what I came here to do guys, and I’m not your gal. I took my gavel and I slid it across the table. Nobody grabbed it that day, nobody wanted to be the one to pick up the gavel that day. Ultimately I just resigned because it was tearing my caucus apart and it was just ridiculous, and they didn’t get that tax increase in on my watch.”


I think that’s really all we need to know about this woman. She’s a solid conservative on every issue, and she’s been the one to step up to the plate and fight for fiscal responsibility. No one else in this race can claim to have the spine of steel that she does, and we need her in Washington to help clean up this mess. Arizona needs someone willing to go down fighting against billion dollar tax increases.

She needs money. It’s a 10 candidate race, and she needs the resources to be able to pull this thing off. You can help her by going here right now and contributing $5, $20, $50, $100 if you can swing it.

Pamela Gorman will not let you down. She deserves your support.


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