Obama Stumping for Harry Reid...

Harry Reid is clearly in trouble, and now Obama is strengthening his presence in Nevada. His poll numbers haven’t been above the low 40’s in ages, and most of the polling shows Sharron Angle ahead.


The Senate Majority Leader seat currently held by Reid is a symbolic one, and would be particularly painful for the Democrats to lose in November. In 2004, Tom Daschle became the first Senate Majority Leader in 50 years to lose reelection when he lost to John Thune. To lose two Senate Majority Leader seats in a row would be nothing short of humiliating… and they are quite aware that it’s a very real possibility.Knowing that Reid is weak, and could quite possibly (probably?) lose his seat, Obama has taken to shredding Angle. Check this out.

In particular, privatizing Social Security is hardly a new, radical idea and has been a part of the conversation through several election cycles. Honestly, his attacks are making me like her even more.

One can only hope that this is yet another kiss of death for the Democrat from the President, a la Arlen Specter and Martha Coakley. Reid deserves to go down in a big ball of fail.


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