Killing white babies is okay... in context.

At this point, most of you have heard about the New Black Panther Philadelphia leader King Samir Shabazz and his awful tirade against the “crackers” and their babies. For those of you that missed it, here’s the video.


You’d think that would be a pretty easy thing to denounce, right? I mean, who could really support a man like this?

Oh, right! The Attorney General of the United States! Of course! Because this case should totally have been dismissed. Nothing to see here, folks!

Meanwhile, the New Black Panther Chairman Malik Shabazz can’t even bring himself to denounce the killing of white babies. Check out this Mediaite interview.

Tommy Christopher: Well obviously you don’t believe in killing white babies.

Malik Shabazz: Um, no in that context, no sir. No, no.

Christopher: In what context?

Shabazz: Well, for the sake of this interview, no context. There are too many other white forces out there that are much more powerful that I as a man would focus on, I wouldn’t focus on the babies. I would focus on the police.

So, just for the sake of this interview, killing white babies is not okay. But those other times, in the proper context? It’s totally okay. You know, as long as the crackers are out of the way.

Why is it so hard to denounce that rhetoric outright? Unbelievable.


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