RNC Struggles With Fundraising

So the RNC is struggling with fundraising. First reaction: It’s the economy, stupid. The problem is that it’s not. From the Washington Times:

Under Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, the Republican Governors Association reported $18.9 million for the April-through-June period — which it says is its largest fundraising quarter ever. Even though it helped finance winning gubernatorial election campaigns in Virginia and New Jersey in November, the RGA reports $40 million in cash on hand for this November’s governors’ races.

The RGA noted that its former midyear fundraising record was $15.1 million and is now at $28 million this year — “almost double the earlier record. In 2006, the last comparable election year, the RGA raised $28 million for the entire year.”

American Crossroads, with the major backing of Mr. Rove and formerRNC Chairman Ed Gillespie, reported raising $8.5 million in June as part of a pledge to generate more than $50 million for the midterm elections.


So why is the RNC struggling? You’d think that with all the hostility toward Democrat legislation and incumbents, there would be a little bit of easy money coming in. However, a quick recap of some of the most painful hits may provide a little insight.

Last year, Steele referred to abortion as an “individual choice,” which rightly brought on a firestorm from a largely pro-life party. Then he backtracked and no one knew what to think but moved on.

He has consistently played the race card, which has been horribly counter-productive in light of the race-war we’ve been fighting in the movement. He played right into stereotypes of a racist, monochromatic Right.

In the midst of an even stronger GOP momentum than they had in 1994, Steele decided to take us down a notch and suggest that the GOP can’t win this year, and that even if they do they may not be ready. Isn’t his job supposed to be a fundraising cheerleader?

Back in March, they came under fire when they were found to have spent $2000 at a Los Angeles night club more suitable for pop tart celebrities than serious party business. Steele insisted he knew nothing about it, the person who expensed it was fired, and we moved on.


Most recently, he (again) undermined one of the most basic GOP tenets – a strong national defense – with his statements on the war in Afghanistan, which has resulted in multiple calls for his resignation.

And then he wonders why Republican donors don’t want to give to him? Come on, guys. My theory – which I only have first hand anecdotal knowledge to back up – is that these party donors are leaving the party and going directly to the candidate and grassroots organizations. You know, the ones that are stabbing them in the back every time they turn around.

This is prime fundraising climate for any conservative organization. If the RNC had been able to even remotely appease donors, they’d be rolling in it. Instead, Steele shoots them in the foot every step of the way.

This isn’t hard, y’all. Stop being idiots, stop spending your money on night clubs, stop playing the race card, stop saying the opposite of what the GOP is supposed to stand for, and you’ll raise money.


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