On the ground in Utah for Mike Lee

FreedomWorks PAC has taken a lot of flack from the Bridgewater minions for being here in Utah for the last couple days before the primary. Apparently, we’re the evil DC establishment that is invading the pure, uncorrupted Utah political process. Here’s the thing – we’re here mobilizing activists from the ranks of our own membership in Utah (about 4,000 total). Tim Bridgewater is the Bob Bennett endorsed DC establishment candidate, and the convention showed that Utah is done with politics as usual.


Just to recap:

  • Tim Bridgewater supported the massive Washington education power grab of No Child Left Behind
  • He admitted he would have voted in favor of the ObamaCare-like Medicare Part D prescription drug program; a $15 trillion unfunded liability
  • He used his high-powered corporate position to secure millions in Obama stimulus money for select clients
  • Bridgewater is not a candidate that supports small government – this is an extension of Bob Bennett’s big spending, stimulus-happy term.

Our Utah members are out today in force all over the state to get out the vote for Mike Lee tomorrow.

It’s important to keep hammering away at the big government establishment all over the country. Every seat matters this year, and we can’t sit back and let Washington spend us out of existence. We’ll fight for candidates that love small government and freedom, which is why we’ll fight for Mike Lee until he is the next US Senator from Utah.


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