Failed Gubernatorial Nominee Goes Nuclear On The State Legislative Black Caucus

South Carolina just gets better and better. I mean, just when you think it’s run out of insanity, what with flamingly “southern” Republican lobbyists and lying bloggers trying to take out Nikki Haley, State Senator Jake Knotts resorting to racial slurs, and a random unemployed dude landing the Democrat nomination for US Senate – not to mention a sitting Governor who goes missing and shows up 5 days later announcing an Argentinian soul mate – they set the bar pretty high for the bizarre and corrupt.


They couldn’t just stop there. Now a failed gubernatorial nominee is flipping out on the Black Legislative Caucus because they didn’t nominate him because they are all Uncle Tom’s and the old white guys in SC are running the Democrat party like a plantation

No, really. Read the letter (PDF). Seriously. And for the grammatically correct out there, I apologize on Ford’s behalf for the lack of editing.

Since when do you deserve to be the Governor just because you’re black? Why does race entitle you to the nomination? Also, I’m fairly confident that the way to win the respect and support of you colleagues isn’t through telling them they haven’t worked to get where they are and that they’re Uncle Toms with no understanding of Civil Rights.

From CNN:

The always outspoken Ford, who made raising tax revenue from video poker a central plank of his campaign, raised little money and was never given a serious shot at winning the nomination by political handicappers.

Sheehen won the gubernatorial nomination outright Tuesday over Ford and the second place finisher, state Superintendent of Education Jim Rex.

Ford griped that it was an “outright disgrace” and “a slap in the face to African-Americans in this state” that other black leaders did not support him “for the sake of the party.


And from the last paragraph of his letter:

Right, wrong or indifferent, I would not allow a Dick Harpootlian, John Land, or Jim Hodges to run the Democratic Party like a plantation at the expense of Black candidates. Uncle Tom was alive and well before, during, anf after the Negro and African American struggle in this country, and obviously he is still alive today.

You just can’t make this stuff up, y’all.


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