Dems Spend $125m to Campaign For a Law They've Already Passed

Back in March, President Obama signed into law the Democratic wet dream that is a national health care plan, complete with an individual mandate. Since then, they’ve failed to gain support for the monstrosity of a reform… which is why they now need to spend $125 million to try to manufacture some support.


Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.) and Victoria Kennedy — widow of Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) — are expected to be named co-chairmen of a $125 million campaign that White House allies are rolling out to defend health care reform amid growing signs Democrats are failing to get political traction on the issue.

They’re desperate. President Obama promised the Democrats that this could get them reelected – and they’re realizing a few months too late that he was lying to them. Too bad, so sad.

This campaign is timed to minimize the negative impact on the Senators and Congressmen who supported the disastrous reform heading into the election. There’s no denying at this point that they’re going to pay – it’s just a matter of how much. I can’t wait to watch them backpedal and fall all over each other.

Shouldn’t it be telling that we’re 3 months in and they still have to spend millions and millions of dollars to convince people they they didn’t completely screw us over? That they have to hold over 100 events full of minions, er, Cabinet members to try and tell us ONE MORE TIME that they got it right? Maybe we’ll believe it this time, right?

No. We won’t. And we’ll remember at the ballot box.


The people have heard over and over and over again how good this is for us. The administration worked hard to refine their message, testing out words and phrases. It was the entirety of the “debate” leading up to the vote – “Let’s figure out which rhetoric they’ll actually buy!” They wanted something passed. They didn’t care what, as long as it gave them even more power. Now, they are still trying to convince themselves that we’re stupid enough to let them spin it any way they want.

We have have got to keep this out in front as a keystone issue coming into election season. I want every candidate who supported this bill to be pummeled for it, and I refuse to support any candidate who won’t fight for a full repeal. At this point, we can’t deal with a “tweak it and it’s okay” situation. It won’t work. It needs to die.


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