President Obama's Terrible, Awful, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

There’s no doubt it’s been a rough day (well, week) over at the White House. Let’s recap.

The oil spill in the Gulf has rightly been coined “Obama’s Katrina.” They haven’t done anything, trying to walk the line of making BP pay for their mistakes without actually doing anything yourself. From Jason Meath at


The White House answer to the disaster in the Gulf: ‘let BP handle it.’ Put the oil company in charge of the epic disaster they created. Every day, the tendrils of the slick reach further into currents that will carry the sludge to new shores, killing everything in its path. To disperse the oil, BP is dumping hundreds of thousands of gallons of chemicals into the Gulf — to the alarm of the EPA. Increasingly, independent scientific estimates place the amount of oil at 14 times the amount stated by BP. So, what is President Obama’s position on all this? He doesn’t have one.

In addition, Rep. Joe Sestak confirmed that he’d been offered a job by the White House as incentive to drop out of the Pennsylvania Senate race… in which he beat Arlen Specter for the Democratic nod. Press Secretary Gibbs can’t seem to find any words to address it. They’re simply stonewalling… three months out now.

Are we surprised? No. It makes sense to everyone with a brain. Obama needed a win under his belt. His endorsements have been the kiss of death for four Democratic candidates to date – Creigh Deeds, John Corzine, Martha Coakley, and most recently, Arlen Specter. His power doesn’t appear to be what they thought it was. This administration has spent a year acting like a child testing his limits, figuring out how much they could really get away with.

They’re finally finding out. The MSM has done a good job as White House lapdog, but the people are no longer buying it. According to Rasmussen, Obama’s poll numbers are the worst they’ve been so far, with his strong disapproval higher than the total approval at 44%-42% with a total disapproval of 56%.


So how is he handling this? Heading to California to campaign for Barbara Boxer. Later this week, he’ll be heading to Chicago for a “casual Memorial Day with friends,” according to Lynn Sweet. The problem with this? Presidents traditionally spend Memorial Day commemorating the lives of our fallen soldiers in Arlington – not grilling out. As a President who has been consistently under fire for his lack of support for the troops, it would be politically savvy to stay behind and pay his respects… not to mention make him a decent human being.

Vacation and campaigning. Do you remember how much heat George Bush took for spending time on his Texas ranch?

Yeah, I’m waiting for those same voices to call out this President for campaigning and skipping out on Memorial Day traditions while his administration is in shambles.

Although, I’d be remiss in not thanking him for giving Boxer’s campaign the kiss of death.


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