Dear Washington Times: Seriously?

Who remembers Dale Robertson? Well, if you don’t know his name (which I’d honestly forgotten), I’m certain you remember his notoriously ignorant, humiliating moment at a Tea Party in Texas.


The Washington Times has managed to give credibility to this delusional racist who claims to be the founder of the Tea Party. As Tommy Christopher points out, they’ve consistently quoted him as a Tea Party leader, and now they’re showing no qualms about him signing up to write on their Tea Party Report blog. I shouldn’t even have to say this out loud, but for the sake of argument I will: Dale Robertson is not the founder of the Tea Party movement. He happened to register It probably cost him $9 on GoDaddy. That does NOT a Tea Party leader make. In fact, many Tea Party players have shunned him and uninvited him from any related events. However, none of this seems to matter to Dale. From the site (read the whole thing if you have time, it’s a gem):

Being frustrated by “Politics As Usual” this brave man decided to create a new voice, a voice that echoed from the pages of history. The Tea Party was the perfect choice… Why not an organization called the Tea Party? It was too obvious. Our American heritage held the key to unleashing the American Spirit.


The amount of crazy in that paragraph alone makes my head hurt. The name came from Rick Santelli’s rant in February of 2009. He no more came up with that name than I did. He is not a “brave man”, he is crazypants, and an opportunist. Washington Times: If you’re looking for an actual Tea Party columnist, I’d be happy to oblige. If you hate me, I have dozens of others who are legitimate members of the movement who would love to help out. May I offer my boss, Matt Kibbe? Any of our allies? There are HUNDREDS who have done so much more work than Dale Robertson ever could. Oh, and who aren’t going to show up holding signs that say “N***ar” while giving a quote about not being racist.


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