Trump's Crazed Call-in on Fox & Friends May Be His Biggest OOPS Yet

Besides tossing his longtime “fixer,” Michael Cohen under the bus, by admitting on live television that Cohen did, in fact, work on a payoff to his porn star mistress, Stormy Daniels (something he’s previously denied), and a long string of rapid-fire proclamations, President Trump also went unhinged on the media.



We can safely assume that Trump has an open door policy with Fox News. He can call in or appear, any time he likes. He controls the programming. That’s the way state-run propaganda works.

What’s more, he never has to worry about any pesky, principled “journalists” attempting to correct him. All things become truth, simply by the breath from Trump’s mouth in the MAGAsphere.

That being said, the uncomfortable, ranty interview with Trump on this morning’s “Fox & Friends” was a sight to behold.

The look on the faces of the hosts, as Trump tore into the media, claiming he’d taught the people that media was fake, among other things, was something else.

First, he took aim at the Electoral College system (the very system that allowed him to win):

How is it that only Brian Kilmeade is attempting to put a bridle on President Ranty-Pants, here?

And no, there’d be no changing the subject. The second clip has him losing it over the media, and James Comey.


I said last night that Trump was watching former FBI Director James Comey’s performance at the CNN “town hall” event, where he answered questions about his book and his encounters with Trump.

I was right.

Trump really is his own worst enemy.

Other reports coming out, almost immediately after this interview, were that Cohen was on the phone with his lawyer, no doubt reassessing their case (since Trump so happily stomped all over it), and that the Southern District of New York had amended their request that is to be brought out in a 12pm court hearing, today.

Based on Sean Hannity’s statements that his dealings with Cohen were nothing, along with Trump’s statements this morning, the SDNY want to have all Cohen’s documents on those two “clients” deemed as NOT “privileged.”


This is a mess, but like any massive train wreck, you just can’t look away.


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