Trump's VA Nominee Faces Allegations of Loud, Drunken, Overseas Romps

We’re hearing a bit more about some of the allegations against President Trump’s pick to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, Dr. Ronny Jackson.

CNN is reporting that in 2015, while on an overseas trip, a drunken Jackson began banging on the hotel room door of a female employee.


He was being so loud and obnoxious that the Secret Service intervened, concerned that he would wake up President Obama.

So how do  you think the female employee felt?

 Two sources who previously worked in the White House Medical Unit described the same incident, with one former staffer telling CNN that it was “definitely inappropriate, in the middle of the night,” and that it made the woman uncomfortable.

That’s what I figured.

At the time, the incident was reported up the chain of command, and it is one of multiple drunken episodes involving Jackson on overseas trips, according to a source familiar.

The Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee are looking into the allegations that have been brought to their attention, and are reporting around 20 different claims of misconduct, so far.

The problem is substantiating those claims. There’s little more than word-of-mouth to back up the claims.

Those stepping forward, however, are describing a “toxic” work environment, because of his behavior.

Drinking on the job, especially if you’re a doctor, can present SO many problems.

Senator Jon Tester, the top Democrat with the committee brought up a really good point.

“If you are drunk and something happens with the president, it’s very difficult to go in and treat the president,” Tester said in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. “That’s what multiple people told us this was the case on several different trips.”

Kansas Republican Senator Jerry Moran has said that Jackson is denying all the claims against him.


“He does deny that he’s done anything wrong in his service to the country. And particularly his time at the White House as a physician in the medical unit,” Moran said. “He indicated that he knows of nothing that would prohibit him from being qualified, capable and the right person to the secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

Besides giving nutty press conferences and saying fantastical things about the physical condition of the president, is there anything in his record that looks like malpractice material?

I don’t know what the exact duties are of the White House physician, besides those annual physicals and being on call, in the event the president has a need, but it would seem that he should keep sharp, regardless.

A former White House Medical Unit staffer was asked about the reports of Jackson’s behavior and what it may indicate.

“You’re 24 hours on call,” the source said. “At night if you’re the physician to the President and you’re on a trip, you shouldn’t be drinking,” the source said.

Probably good advice.



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