Trump Pick to Lead Department of Veterans Affairs Hit With Misconduct Allegations

Well, this is unfortunate.

Back in January we were treated to the bizarre spectacle of Dr. Ronny Jackson, the official White House physician, who gave the public proclamation of President Trump’s health, labeling him a walking Adonis – a specimen of virility and vigor unseen in the office of the presidency since the beginning of this brave republic.


Ok. Maybe it wasn’t quite that bizarre, but it was a bit “odd,” and it caused quite a stir in the press. Jackson seemed overly complimentary, and some of what he was saying just didn’t make sense, given that he was talking about a 71-year old man.

For starters, he gave Trump’s weight at 239 pounds. Social media went wild with those comparing Trump’s 239 to the lean, muscular bodies of 239 pound athletes.

There’s a big difference between 239 pounds of old man fat and 239 pounds of muscle.

He also touted his score on a cognitive exam that takes all of 10 minutes to perform, and isn’t the full exam, but a precursor to the full exam.

That probably caused the biggest stir, as reporters couldn’t seem to let it go at the press conference. The disbelief that everything Trump does is from somebody in perfect mental and cognitive health was obvious throughout the room.

OH – and the talk of Trump’s “good genes,” saying he could live to be 200? Is he related to Methusala?

Jackson’s praise of Trump’s health sort of rolled up tight around the brief mentions of high cholesterol, some indicators of heart disease, the medication for balding, and other brief words that were not synonymous with “perfect health.”


Trump picked Jackson to fill the Secretary of Veterans Affairs slot, after firing David Shulkin. Some of the rumors that have been floated are that there was no official vetting, and that this position may be payback for the glowing physical report.


That’s a problem now, because complaints about Jackson’s behavior while serving as White House physician have made it to the Senate Veterans Affairs committee.

It appears current and/or former White House medical staff have made some allegations.

According to CBS News:

Sources familiar with the tales say Sen. Jon Tester’s committee staff is reviewing multiple allegations of a “hostile work environment.” The accusations include “excessive drinking on the job, improperly dispensing meds,” said one of the people familiar, who was granted anonymity to speak frankly about the situation. The other people familiar with the stories also confirmed those details.

If proven true, “it’ll sink his nomination,” said one of the sources.

Yeah, those are pretty serious.


Jackson, a Navy rear admiral with over 20 years of service, took over the position as White House physician in 2013, under Barack Obama. When these instances of misconduct started is not clear, but Senator Tester claims his office began receiving the allegations through the weekend.

Jackson’s confirmation hearing was scheduled for Wednesday. It’s unclear now if that’s going to happen. Democrats with the committee may call for the hearing to be postponed, as they continue to investigate the claims that have come to them.


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