Reporter Casually Mentions Trump's Fear of Crossing This Longtime Associate

In my last post, I talked about a desperate, thrashing Trump’s Twitter feed, Saturday morning.

His tweets seem as if something has him on edge, and all the talk of his longtime “fixer,” Michael Cohen flipping on him seems to be the impetus.


Maggie Haberman, of the New York Times, wrote a piece Friday that explored how some close to Trump feel that if push comes to shove, Cohen could and would implicate the president in some wrongdoing.

We’re not saying there’s anything to flip on, but those close to Trump, including one of his own lawyers is talking as if he’s guilty of something, and needs Cohen’s loyalty in the matter.

Trump’s tweets today make it seem as if he’s asking Cohen to take the fall for something. His words were unusually conciliatory, considering others point out that he’s always taken Cohen for granted.

In Haberman’s Friday article, she used quotes from several Trump associates. Among them was former Trump campaign aide, Sam Nunberg, and informal adviser/longtime Trump friend, Roger Stone.

Trump lashed out at the suggestion within the article that Cohen might “flip” rather than protect the man who has, for years, seemed to have shared a one-way relationship with Cohen, where Cohen was constantly pursuing Trump’s approval, but rarely ever receiving anything resembling positive affirmation, in return. In his Twitter-rager, he went after Nunberg, referring to him as a “drunk/drugged up loser.”


He didn’t mention the other Trump associate who was quoted, Roger Stone.

Why not?

Well, according to Haberman, it’s because Trump is afraid of Stone.

I mean, I think we can all agree Stone looks like the Jigsaw killer from the “Saw” horror movie franchise, but he and Trump have been tight for years. Why would Trump be afraid of him?

Haberman, who has known Trump and dealt with him before, provided the answer.

“A few things – Trump is referring to @NunbergSam in his tweet. He’s too aware of what Stone could do to him to be that direct. Also, Trump has been abusive to all his staffers at various points, but continues to greet @CLewandowski_ better than most,” she tweeted, using the handle for former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski.

He’s too aware of what Stone could do to him.

I’m going to assume she doesn’t mean physically. She means that given the relationship and history, combined with that nasty, nasty nature of Stone, if Trump ever crossed him, things could get ugly.

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara asked Haberman, on Twitter, “Donald Trump is afraid of Roger Stone?”

“For years”, Haberman replied.


She seems pretty confident of that.

Stone told the Palm Beach Post the “drunk/drugged up loser” description was “Not a reference to me.” Meanwhile, Nunberg told CNN, “I have no idea who POTUS is talking about so I have no response.”

Ok. We know it was Nunberg, because of the stunt he pulled a few weeks ago, where he bounced from one news program to the other, rambling and claiming he would refuse to honor a subpoena to meet with special counsel Robert Mueller’s team. He actually did show up, as requested.

The idea that there are people out there with leverage of any kind over Trump should be concerning. You especially don’t want somebody like Roger Stone having that kind of control.

But then, this is the president people voted for, scandals and skeletons, included.




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