Trump Complains That Justice Neil Gorsuch Lacks Sufficient Conservative Backbone (WHAT?)

There’s no pleasing some people, is there?

Case in point would be the unstable “genius” rage-tweeting from the Oval Office today.

The near-comical irony in Trump’s latest musings is that so many of those who supported him did so because they felt they needed him to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court.


“But Gorsuch…”

Earlier this week, Trump’s SCOTUS pick sided with liberal justices in an immigrant deportation case, and absolutely against what Trump’s administration was hoping for.

Apparently, the president is having some buyer’s remorse, regarding But Gorsuch.

 Administration officials familiar with the situation told The Washington Post that Trump was upset that Gorsuch had been too liberal in some recent cases, and that he feared the justice was not a reliable conservative.

Yeah, I spit out my macchiato when I see Donald Trump complaining about anybody else’s conservatism.

Gorsuch, in fact, has fashioned himself to be a disciple of late Justice Antonin Scalia’s originalist model, which means he intends to follow the Constitution as it was intended at its conception.

The ruling that set off Trump’s waves of regret has to do with a law that calls for the deportation of non-citizens found guilty of violent crimes. SCOTUS (with Gorusch’s help) ruled that the law was vague on the definition of “violence.”


Said Gorsuch of his decision:

Vague laws, Gorsuch wrote, “can invite the exercise of arbitrary power … by leaving the people in the dark about what the law demands and allowing prosecutors and courts to make it up. The law before us today is such a law.”

Since this week’s decision, Trump has called on Congress to tighten up the immigration laws that allowed for this decision to come down.


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