A New Book Details Hillary Clinton's Mistreatment at the Hands of This Unfair Republic (LOL!)

Victimhood. It’s such a hallmark of the empowered woman.

We really dodged a bullet by not election Hillary Clinton. I mean, we got hit with a cannon ball, but still, Hillary Clinton is ridiculous, and never should be allowed to run for anything else, ever.


A new book by reporter Amy Chozick is called, Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Intact Glass Ceiling. And yes, the book is apparently just what its long, tedious title suggests: An overworked piece of feminist whining, meant to beat up on the patriarchy that denied the triumphant rising of Hillary Clinton, the feminist ideal.

Hey, Amy, sweetheart, there’s no “glass ceiling.” In this case, there was only a candidate so corrupt and woefully awful, that she couldn’t even win against Donald Trump.

The book contains such noxious spew as:

“No one in modern politics, male or female, has had to withstand more indignities, setbacks and cynicism. She developed protective armor that made the real Hillary Clinton an enigma. But if she was guarded about her feelings and opinions, she believed it was in careful pursuit of a dream for generations of Americans: the election of the country’s first woman president.”

But… she did it to herself!

The idea that Hillary Clinton is some noble warrior queen, battling the sexist hordes, all alone, is laughably off-base.

The only reason we even know Hillary Clinton’s name is that she rode her popular husband, Bill Clinton’s coattails to prominence.

She was content to play the meek, adoring little wifey, standing by her man, even at the height of his sex scandals that rocked his candidacy, and later, his presidency in the 90s.


The whole “empowered woman” shtick came post-Clinton presidency.

Even her position as Secretary of State was given to her – by a MAN – after she lost the DNC nomination to Barack Obama, as a consolation prize.

Somehow, Hillary and her supporters felt it was “her turn,” because after 8 years of a black president (notice that Barack Obama’s presidency will ALWAYS be remembered for the color of his skin and never the content of his character), it was time for a woman president.

So, Hillary has used everything from her husband’s popularity to the fact she a vagina as the keys to power.

That may work in some fields, but it just didn’t work for her, this time. She’s just that bad.

The Chozick book gives another broad look at details behind the Hillary Clinton campaign, and those things observed on the campaign trail.

An interesting tidbit is that Vice President Joe Biden broached the topic of putting his hat in the ring, but he feared the Clinton machine.

In the book, she writes that “Biden had confided (off the record) to the White House press corps that he wanted to run, but he added something like ‘You guys don’t understand these people. The Clintons will try to destroy me.’”

Yeah. They’re dirty players, no doubt, and as the leaked DNC emails revealed, they’d even stab one of their own in the back to get ahead. Bernie Sanders found out how deeply in the dirty Clinton pockets the DNC is.


I mean, Sanders the Socialist would have been a dream for the DNC, otherwise, but his opponent in the primary was a woman.

It was her turn.

I’m looking for a transgender, atheist, Communist Party leader to be the next DNC dream candidate.

The book also points out how the Clinton team hoped to use Donald Trump as the “face” of the RNC, even while the primaries were still in full swing.

Even as Trump surged in the polls, the Clinton camp still saw him as a danger to stronger candidates rather than such a candidate in his own right, Chozick reports, so that in August 2015, “when the main GOP debate came on, everyone pushed their pizza crust aside and stared transfixed at the TV set… [Campaign Manager] Robby [Mook] salivated when the debate came back on and Trump started to speak. ‘Shhhhh,’ Robby said, practically pressing his nose up to the TV. ‘I’ve gahtz to get me some Trump.’ Robby thought Rubio would be the nominee. Podesta was bullish on Kasich. Bill and Hillary, still stuck in the 1990s, feared the Bush surname most of all.”

They didn’t expect Trump to be the nominee, but they hoped. This was something they could work with. They knew how disliked Hillary was, especially after those emails were made public, causing such turmoil within the Democrat party.

Hillary became tired of getting those daily reports of how disliked she was, but rather than try to appear more human, she got cocky.


I get it. I understand how she could think she had the election in the bag. Even if she was disliked, was plastic, and was dogged by immense scandal, at every turn, at least she wasn’t a novelty candidate, with a closet full of his own scandals.

Wrote Chozick:

“‘Oh, what’s the point? They’re never going to like me,’ Hillary told this friend.”

Aw. Is that self-pity? You know, some personal reflection, humility, and a little grace may have helped that situation.

I’m kidding. She never had that capacity.

When election night brought her to her second presidential defeat, the response was everything we expect from the feminist icon.

“Of all the Brooklyn aides, Jen Palmieri had the most pleasant bedside manner,” Chozick writes. “That made her the designated deliverer of bad news to Hillary. But not this time. She told Robby there was no way she was going to tell Hillary she couldn’t win. That’s when Robby, drained and deflated, watching the results with his team in a room down the hall from Hillary’s suite, labored into the hallway of the Peninsula to break the news. Hillary didn’t seem all that surprised. ‘I knew it. I knew this would happen to me….’ Hillary said, now within a couple of inches of his face. ‘They were never going to let me be president.’”


And who is “they”? The American voting public? Yeah. That’s how elections work. The people decide, and they rejected you and your vagina.


To be clear, Hillary won the popular vote, by several million. She was always going to win New York and California.

The fact that her hubris and sense of entitlement overcame her commonsense and kept her from appealing to middle America was the final nail in her coffin.

I never understood this notion of feminism that seeks empowerment through compulsion and entitlement, rather than actual qualifications and hard work.

Hillary Clinton’s folly should be taken as a cautionary tale to the feminazi wing of American politics, but somehow, I think the irony is lost on them.



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