Comey Began an Investigation Into FBI Leaks (Thanks to Rudy Giuliani), so What Happened?

Speaking of leaks within the FBI…

There’s a portion of the James Comey memos that mention a conversation about leaks, where Comey seemed particularly concerned about leaks coming from the FBI.


Apparently, he had good reasons to be concerned.

Around 2 weeks before the 2016 election, the FBI announced the case looking into Hillary Clinton’s emails would be reopened, thanks to a trove of previously undiscovered emails that were sitting in disgraced perv, Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Days before the announcement, Rudy Giuliani said in an interview on Fox News that then-candidate Trump had some major surprises that would be revealed in the next few days. Giuliani later said he had been referring to the reopening of the investigation.

So who told Giuliani?

It’s a good question, especially in light of the fact that we’re to believe the FBI harbors such powerful bias against the highly victimized waif-president, Trump.

It would seem the last person anyone would want to have that information would be a Trump loyalist.

Comey appeared on Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show Thursday night, where he was asked if Giuliani had been given advance notice.

“Not that I know of, but I saw that same publicity and so I commissioned an investigation to see if we could understand whether people were disclosing information out of the New York office or any other place that resulted in Rudy’s report on Fox News and other leaks that we were seeing in the media. I don’t know what the result of that was. I got fired before it was finished, but I know that I asked that it be investigated.”


What we know is that Giuliani apparently had an inside track.

What we don’t know is who put the information in his hands and sent him running to Fox News with it.

Giuliani is now part of Trump’s legal team, with the word being his intent is to use what he feels is his past relationship with Robert Mueller to “speed up” the process of ending the Russia probe.

Mark your calendars and start counting.


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