What's The Deal With The RNC's New (And Horrifying!) Mascot?

Let’s all dig deep and contribute to the Republican National Committee. They really have their priorities straight and will put the money to good use, in order to advance conservative causes, right?


Ok. You can stop laughing, now.

Stop laughing and close your checkbooks.

Quite a few of us knew when the RNC allowed a reality TV huckster to become the face of the Republican party, nothing rational or sane would follow.

We were right.

Another flashing neon sign pointing to the ruin of the RNC is “Lyin’ Lion.”

Yes. The RNC has lost its mind.

Oh, yes. That’s real. It’s not a joke.

How utterly petrified must they be of James Comey’s book that they will pay to have an idiot in a lion costume follow the former FBI director around, in an attempt to discredit his book?

If anything, this discredits the RNC.

Seriously, if he’s lying, that will come to the surface.

Which mascot did they send around with Michael Wolff, when he was making the rounds for his book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House”?

Oh, yeah. They didn’t.

I wonder why not?


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