Add Another Nude Model Mistress to the Voices From Donald Trump's Past

Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Resort

Just more stories of Donald Trump’s historic scumbaggery.

Hounded by the press, since being named in a suit by former Trump mistress and Playboy model, Karen McDougal, another mistress has been flushed out into the open.


The latest to come forward is another former Playboy model, Barbara Moore.

Moore claims to have carried on an affair with Trump from March 1993 to September 1993 – while then-Trump girlfriend, Marla Maples, was pregnant with their daughter, Tiffany.

How familiar does that sound?

To be honest, I can’t feel overly sympathetic with Maples.

If they’ll cheat with you, they’ll cheat on you, Dear.

From the Daily Mail:

‘It was a passionate affair, he was a great lover and a gentleman.

‘But at the time I didn’t know he was with someone else, let alone engaged to Marla Maples and it was only recently I learned she was pregnant at the time. This has shocked me, but I don’t hold it against Donald, he was a great lover and I think he’s a great president.’

Yeah, she’s a Trump supporter. She apparently thinks he wrote “The Art of the Deal” himself.

She tells the story of meeting Trump at his Trump Castle Casino hotel, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

As Miss December, 1992 Moore was hired by Playboy to do a fashion show at the posh casino hotel.

She flew out to New Jersey with five other playmates and a chaperone and recalls being excited at meeting the high flying businessman made famous by his best-selling 1987 book Trump: The Art of the Deal.

‘We were all pretty excited because Donald Trump was The Donald and he had not long written The Art of the Deal.

‘And, you know, he’s a powerful man and he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the world.’


Moore goes on in nauseating detail about the party after the fashion show, the Playmates “fawning” over Trump, but how she was the one who got the opportunity to jump into bed with him that first night.

She felt special because she became a notch on his bedpost without even putting up a fight.

She’s apparently easily impressed.

She’s not the first broken child who was convinced that if a guy would sleep with her right away, it must mean she’s “special.”

Her next encounter was several days after returning home.

Moore, who these days lives in Phoenix, Arizona, recalls: ‘I was in my Beverly Hills apartment, a brand new place. I didn’t even have furniture yet. I was sitting on the floor and I remember Donald Trump calls me up and he invited me right away to Mar-a-Lago and I was pretty excited.’

A few weeks later at the end of April Trump flew Moore first class to Florida.

Knowing he might be busy for some of the trip the model asked if she could bring a friend, which Trump agreed to.

Moore and a fellow playmate stayed at the mansion for five nights.

The Daily Mail piece is full of pictures of Moore at Mar-A-Lago, some with time stamps to correspond with the time frame she claims to have carried on her tryst with Trump.

Moore – who wasn’t aware of Trump’s relationship with Maples at the time – recalls seeing a tiny passport size photo of a woman sitting on a kitchen counter inside the mansion.

The woman, she later learned, was Maples. Trump never told Moore he was in a serious relationship.


Yeah, the illusion of thinking you’re the only one…

Speaking of their phone calls, Moore remembers:

‘He always had time for me and would always say “hi, beautiful.” And that made me feel good. I got so comfortable with the phone calls, he wanted to know how my days were and he’d mostly talk about me.

‘I definitely felt like our relationship was getting stronger. And, and that’s when he invited me to New York to the Trump Tower and I just thought that, you know, we were an item. I thought that we were dating and I was special.’

There’s that word again.

No, honey. I think you’re confusing the word “special” with “willing.”

Just like Maples, to be fair.

Moore wasn’t just willing. She was nasty.

Part of her story was a disgusting tale of having sex while a friend watched.

‘She was kind of giggling and it was playful, but he, he was only focused on me and it didn’t really matter because we were such good friends and I didn’t care she was there.

‘It wasn’t a normal thing for me to have somebody in the room. I was really young and it’s just what happened.’

She said it never occurred to her that Trump could be dating somebody else, much less engaged. Her aunt, who lived in New Jersey, told her he was “dating somebody named Marla.”

She said the calls and visits sort of dried up in September 1993. Tiffany was born in October 1993.


In December, he married Marla Maples.

Moore remembers reading in the newspaper that Trump had married.

‘That made so much sense to me because I was like wondering why was this relationship was getting distant?

‘But I was still shocked when I found out, because he was obviously with her at the same time as he was with me.

‘I never knew. What’s worse is that she was pregnant and gave birth before they married, that I didn’t know until recently.’

She goes on to point out that no one has approached her to offer her money to keep her story quiet.

And while this was a long time ago, it really is another depressing look at the character of a man who has the morals of a pig.

But this counts as “leadership” material in this wretched world, today.

Great job, everybody.



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