In New Book, James Comey Explains How Close He Came to This Disgusting Trump Scandal

Former FBI Director James Comey reacts after bumping something under the table, during a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Capitol Hill, Thursday, June 8, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

The upcoming book by former FBI Director James Comey is already sitting at the top of the Amazon Best Sellers list, and on Thursday, some excerpts were dropped around social media, in anticipation of the April 17 release.


Of those tidbits, Comey reveals that early in the Trump presidency – presumably before the request for loyalty – the new president approached him about the controversial Russia dossier, compiled by former British intelligence agent, Christopher Steele.

According to Comey, Trump wanted him to investigate the claims within the dossier that he had hired Russian prostitutes to perform a particular sexual fetish activity, involving urine and a bed former President Obama may have previously slept in.

From the Washington Examiner:

 “He brought up what he called the ‘golden showers thing’ … adding that it bothered him if there was ‘even a one percent chance’ his wife, Melania, thought it was true,” Comey wrote in his book upcoming book “a Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership,” the New York Post reports.

“He just rolled on, unprompted, explaining why it couldn’t possibly be true, ending by saying he was thinking of asking me to investigate the allegation to prove it was a lie,” Comey added. “I said it was up to him.”

My first thought here is that Trump should know if it is a lie, or not.

My second thought is that the “pee pee tapes” part of the dossier was about the only part that couldn’t get the man in deep, legal peril. Was he not concerned about those portions?


According to Comey, Trump brought up investigating the allegations the same time he asked Comey for “loyalty” at a White House dinner in January 2017. Comey said he cautioned Trump that a probe could “create a narrative that we were investigating him personally.”

Trump said that was possible, but requested Comey to keep thinking about the option, Comey wrote.

And now that Trump is actually being investigated, his nose is bent out of shape.

Be careful what you ask for, right?

All of this is dependent on whether Comey is telling the truth or not, and I’m sure there are plenty who will label this FAKE NEWS.

The man does bring up an interesting point, however, while pointing out there was no chance his own wife would believe such accusations.

“In what kind of marriage, to what kind of man, does a spouse conclude there is only a 99 percent chance her husband didn’t do that?” Comey wrote.

In a marriage that was more of a business transaction than an actual, loving union, maybe?

Just a thought.





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