Women's March Banshees Howl in Protest After Feds Crack Down on Sex Traffickers

Just when you think the jackbooted harridans of the Women’s March movement couldn’t be more low or loathsome, they outdo themselves.

Never underestimate the unfathomable, reprobate nature of women who actually think marching through the streets with something called “pu**y hats” on is a great way to represent women’s rights.


I mean, women used to march for things of intellectual, real world value, like the right to vote. Now, you’ve got garbage pail kids like Linda Sarsour and her ilk raising a stink over the right of women to be treated as if all they have to offer the world is their genitals.

Great work in moving us back centuries, everybody.

Over the weekend, the issue getting the girls’ panties in a wad focused on the shutting down of the website called Backpage, a creep site that allowed for prostitution, and potentially, sex trafficking. The co-founder of the site, Michael Lacey, was arrested on Friday by federal agents, on a 93 count sealed indictment, and the site was closed down.

Decent humanity see this as a win. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children have testified before Congress that nearly three-quarters of the cases reported to them are in relation to ads posted on that damnable site.

First, there was this tweet, by an account laughably billing itself @SafeSpacesDC.

I guess there was no room in that space for young girls and children being exploited through the site. When do they get a say about what to do with their bodies?

The Women’s March account really upped the astronomically misguided outrage.


Let’s say it again: THREE-QUARTERS of reported cases of exploitation of children have been because of Backpage. The FBI have seized the site and whatever is going on with it, it was bad enough that the co-founder has been arrested. Of the 93-counts against him, who wants to bet that some illicit activity involving victimized children is included?

So let’s just say it: the Women’s March, its founders, its participants, the organizations and personalities that willingly link up with them are all complicit in the trafficking of children.


Protecting exploitation sites like Backpage has nothing to do with women’s rights. It has everything to do with devaluing women, endangering children, and protecting those who victimize both.

Let’s hope the tweets are preserved. They could be used as evidence in any potential trials in the future.


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