Rumor Mill: What Former White House Aide May Be Sabotaging EPA Chief Scott Pruitt?

So Environmental Protection Agency top dog, Scott Pruitt, is having a no-good, very bad, awful week.

At least, as far as scandal and turmoil, regarding a host of rumored inappropriate activities, ranging from some bizarre situation with a condo rental from the wife of a D.C. lobbyist, to a story I talked about on Tuesday involving some sleight of hand moves to get raises for favored aides.


So far, none of this seems to be coming back hard on Pruitt with his boss.

President Trump was asked today by reporters if he had faith in Pruitt. He replied to the affirmative.

So where are all these rumors coming from?

According to, somebody left the White House angry and feeling spiteful.

Could it be somebody with a history of domestic abuse and a bad attitude?

Are you thinking Rob Porter, the former White House communications secretary?

That would be the one.

Rob Porter, a top former aide to President Donald Trump who was fired earlier this year over domestic abuse allegations, is reportedly a source of information about EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s ethical transgressions that are threatening his future at the agency, after Porter’s relationship with a top former Pruitt aide soured, sources say.

Samantha Dravis is the former Pruitt aide in question. She resigned last week.

Now we have to consider that Dravis may be the mystery woman who called both of Porter’s ex-wives to describe the abusive relationship she was in with Porter, asking how they got away from him.


There’s no telling what sort of hold Porter still has over her. Abusive relationships, unfortunately, are often that way, where the abused feels compelled to tell everything to the abuser.

Porter is allegedly with former White House communications director Hope Hicks, now, but that doesn’t mean much.

It’s an interesting turn of events, if true, because you have to wonder what else Porter knows about the inside of the White House, and what he’s prepared to tell.


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