Robert Mueller's Team Is Now Searching for Donations to Trump Campaign From Russian Oligarchs

Special counsel Robert Mueller is covering all the bases, including going after Russian oligarchs.

In a recent trip to the U.S., Mueller’s team stopped two oligarchs, while issuing a document and interview request to a third.


So what is he looking for?

 In one case, Mueller’s team stopped an individual after his jet landed at a New York airport to search his electronic devices. It is not clear if the second oligarch was searched, CNN reported.

The network said the special counsel has intensified its focus on whether money flowed into the U.S. presidential race from Russia.

Specifically, he’s looking to see if they made donations to Donald Trump’s campaign or inauguration fund. Also, if there is a possibility that they used Americans as “straw donors,” Mueller is hoping to uncover that, as well.

Trump raised $333 million for his presidential campaign, and his inauguration committee raised nearly $107 million, more than any previous president. As of January, the inauguration committee had not disclosed how it spent its excess funds.

Those funds were supposed to go to charity, but as has been mentioned before, no one knows what actually happened to them.

It was reported on Tuesday that Robert Mueller has told Trump’s attorney’s that their client is not currently the target of a criminal investigation, although he is a subject of investigation into what happened with Russian meddling in the 2016 election.


He’s definitely being investigated for moves he’s made since entering the White House that might count as obstruction.

Mueller has been given broad authority to investigate not just Russian interference, but any illegal activity that comes up during the course of the investigation. To date, there have been four guilty pleas or indictments of former Trump associates, as well as charges brought against 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies.

Dutch lawyer Alex van der Zwaan was sentenced to 30 days in prison, as the first sentence to be handed down as a result of the probe, after being found guilty of lying to federal investigators.


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