Trump Adviser's Connection to Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Catches the Attention of Robert Mueller

Longtime Trump pal (and unofficial adviser), Roger Stone, may be playing a game of Chicken with special counsel Robert Mueller.

Whatever the case, he has their attention.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Mueller’s team are looking into Stone’s alleged contacts with WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.

From the report:

 In an email to fellow former Trump adviser Sam Nunberg dated Aug. 4, 2016, Stone claims that he “dined with Julian Assange last night,” according to the Journal.

Nunberg told The Washington Post earlier this month that investigators working for Mueller asked him to describe his conversation with Stone about meeting with Assange.

Assange and his outfit have been pegged by U.S. intelligence as tools for the Kremlin. When WikiLeaks released hacked emails from the DNC, it was believed they were working on behalf of Russia, in an effort to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances in the election.

Stone continues to catch the attention of investigators.

In a report from several weeks ago, it was revealed that the hacker responsible for the leaked DNC emails, Guccifer 2.0, was actually a Russian intelligence officer. Stone has written for Breitbart News in defense of Guccifer, claiming that he’d conversed with the hacker and that Guccifer’s involvement was proof that Russia was not involved in meddling in the election.

The narrative being pushed at that time was that Guccifer 2.0 was a random, lone hacker, in no way connected to Russia.

As for his email to Nunberg, Stone now says his claims of meeting with Assange were meant as a joke.


Stone said he was flying out to Los Angeles the night before he sent the email. The Journal confirmed that a flight from Miami to Los Angeles matches a screenshot of the flight information Stone provided, but could not confirm he was on it.

Stone has been inconsistent about any contact he has had with Assange and WikiLeaks. He previously stated that he communicated with Assange but told the Journal on Friday that was not the case.

The day after Stone sent the email in August 2016 in which he claimed to have dined with Assange, Stone tweeted: “Hillary lies about Russian Involvement in DNC hack -Julian Assange is a hero.”

After this, he told a Republican group that he had spoken with Assange and said to expect more document releases.

He “predicted” the release of John Podesta’s emails, saying it would soon be Podesta’s “time in the barrel,” weeks before the actual release. He also said there would be more documents harmful to Clinton, at that time.

How did he know about the release of these documents, unless he had inside information?

Trump’s friends are not helping his case.




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