Firebrand Lawyer Claims to Be Advising Trump's Russia Strategy From the Outside

Is this even a thing that can (or should) be happening?

Attorney Joe diGenova, recently suggested in a radio interview that he and his wife, attorney Victoria Toensing, didn’t really have to take part in the Trump legal team, as they were doing behind the scenes advising.


Said diGenova, recently:

“Victoria and I are playing the role of lawyers on television and in real life,” Joseph diGenova told WBAL NewsRadio 1090, referring to his wife, Victoria Toensing.

President Trump’s lead counsel in the ongoing Russia probe, John Dowd, stepped down several weeks ago, leaving only Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow to wrestle with the complexities of what looks to have evolved into a far-reaching federal criminal investigation.

While Dowd hasn’t publicly stated why he chose to step away, some of the rumors are that his strategy and that of Trump’s clashed. He didn’t want his client being questioned by special counsel Robert Mueller, but Trump is signaling that he wants to make his case to Mueller, personally.

He thinks it’ll be the same as negotiating a business deal.

Also, his bringing in diGenova and Toensing was a problem. It signaled that Trump intended to confront Mueller directly, over social media – maybe make up some catchy, schoolyard nickname, like, “Mangy Mueller,” or something equally idiotic.

DiGenova has appeared on Fox News and blasted Mueller and the investigation as a sham, meant to punish Trump and make Hillary president (something that would not happen, even if Trump was found guilty of something).

Citing “conflicts of appearances,” diGenova said in the interview that he and his wife are still in contact with Trump and his attorneys.


Those “conflicts of appearances” could have to do with the fact that Toensing is representing several former Trump aides, including Rick Gates and Mark Corallo.

DiGenova praised Trump, calling the president “a stunning questioner” who is “extremely intelligent and incisive.”

“He knows everything that is going on around him. He has a complete understanding of the legal battlefield that he is facing,” diGenova said of Trump.

That’s all solid rhetoric for keeping up your guest spots on Fox News, but is encouraging Trump to go after special counsel on social media the best strategy?

To be fair, he may not be encouraging it, but he’s certainly not discouraging it, which is why Trump wanted him on his team, to begin with.

I also have to wonder how Cobb and Sekulow are dealing with diGenova and Toensing attempting to direct the course of the defense from the outside?


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