Friends of Andrew McCabe Set up a Legal Defense Fund Page, and Then This Happened


I’m guessing that there are people passionate enough in their feelings over how former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was dismissed, that they’re willing to let their wallets do their talking for them.


On Thursday, friends of McCabe began a GoFundMe page, in order to help him raise $250,000 to cover legal costs.

McCabe is facing a possible investigation into his activities while still with the agency by the Justice Department’s inspector general. According to the GoFundMe page, he may also be considering launching some lawsuits of his own.

“Andrew McCabe’s FBI career was long, distinguished, and unblemished,” the GoFundMe page reads. “His reward for that has been a termination that was completely unjustified, amidst repeated ad hominem attacks by the President of the United States.”

And this is true.

McCabe’s firing may or may not have been warranted. There are varying points of view approaching it from both sides. That being said, the timing appeared very much to have been planned to inflict maximum humiliation.

He was fired two days before he would have been eligible to retire with full benefits for over 20 years of service.


McCabe had been a target of the man-baby soiling the carpets in the Oval Office for months. In fact, one report is that President Trump insulted McCabe’s wife, directly to him, calling her a “loser.”

It takes a pathetic cretin to randomly attack someone’s family in that manner.

After that, not having the loyalty he sought from the leaders of the FBI, Trump began a campaign of harassment and bullying, directed at McCabe, as well as his DOJ Secretary Jeff Sessions.


Sessions was targeted for not stopping the Russia probe, and he would do anything to get back in the good graces of his boss.

We may not know all the salacious details that went into Sessions’ attempts to please Trump, but the flurry of tell-all books after this administration ends is going to be mind-boggling.

Will McCabe write a book?

It’s almost a certainty, but first, his current legal morass has to be worked through, and that takes funds.

So, how close is the GoFundMe page to the $250,000 legal funds limit, after a single day?

More than $386,000 was donated in just 17 hours. As of Friday morning, almost 9,000 people had contributed.

Like I said, there are people passionate about this situation, and they’re willing to let their wallets do the talking.

McCabe has said that any money left over will go to charity.

And for those wondering, no, I haven’t donated, but I could get the link to the page for you, if you’d like to.




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