Boycott EVERYTHING: Slight Taunt Breaks the Focus of Generation Next's "Movement" Leader

Parkland survivor, David Hogg, is at it again.

By “at it again,” I’m talking about doing something you’d expect from a teenager. All the “leader of a movement” talk has perhaps gone to his head.


Then again, Fox News’ Laura Ingraham did poke him with a stick.

To be specific, Ingraham pointed out a piece from the Daily Wire on Wednesday that highlighted Hogg’s stating he’d been turned down by multiple indoctrination centers colleges, even though he has a 4.2 GPA (She said 4.1, but the story has it as 4.2).

It’s not that he wasn’t accepted to any colleges, at all. He’s been accepted to several schools around Florida.

He had his heart set on UCLA or some other California school, apparently.

Hogg lashed out after seeing Ingraham’s post, and as tends to be the way these days, called for a boycott of Ingraham’s sponsors.

Of course, there was a great swell of outrage from the left over Ingraham’s tweet.


It wasn’t that bad.

Hogg displayed an attitude of entitlement and arrogance, it would be almost criminal not to say something about it.

In the TMZ video that caught Ingraham’s attention, Hogg rails about how many schools have rejected him, then ends by saying, “We’re changing the world. We’re too busy.”

Hogg doesn’t realize the government-sanctioned gun grabbing he and his friends are pushing for has been tried before. He and the others are just the latest tactic being used, and when the desired outcome does not materialize, the same anti-2A power players who are backing them now will just as quickly dump them back into obscurity.

That’s just the harsh reality behind every leftist’s cause.

As for the boycotts, this will likely have the opposite effect. After Saturday’s anti-NRA/anti-Second Amendment rally, the NRA noted a spike in membership and donations. At best, Hogg has created a list of businesses for those opposed to his message to support.


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